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The worst part of the war

child-soldier by derrick colter

Hello Art,
people today I wil describe a Derrick Colter drawing.
I don’t have enough information regarding the artist but as you you can see through his work,
he’s african oriented more precisely he is expressing through his painting and drawings remind us the era of pharaoh, the glorious period of Africa. Child soldier gives us a good picture of the atrocity of war when it involves the children our future.
The drawing allows us to see how death alive those child soldiers become. This little boy has black rings under his eyes which are completely dark without any light of hope. He is wearing a helmet bigger than his head which outlines the dark effect on his face.
When we look at that kid the first feeling we have his sadness we want to help him he seems to be lost and we want to rescue him but he’s holding a gun. That gets us down the cruel reality he is a killer and he can take our life. On the background there is something which reminds us pharaoh symbols.
But we are called to help this kid. As to me this drawing is like our beloved continent Africa.
The reality is so cruel but we need to commit ourselves to make sure that the continent will be a good place to live in those coming years.


Painting and Music two world one rythm

Rhythm in the Night

Let’s talk about Gerard Ivey,

He is a native of Florida. He is a talented artist who discovered early the God gift he received. I like the spirit of this artist let take one of his phrase :

“release your spirit and it shall return, for it never left!”

I will move on and describe one of his piece of art; Rhythm in the Night. I must admit I don’t know much about the material qnd the tools he used to perform this job but I will describe the aspect and the feeling it is giving me;

First I must admit that I like the mixture he did. The world of music is introduced at the extension of the woman’s hair. When I take an artist work I want to feel the rythm it is giving us the beauty of the job comes from the harmony it has.

Here we are charmed by this beautiful face with shining hair which vibrate with a song made of with a piano, a violin and a trompe. We can admire too the silky body.

Thanks Gerald for this trip.